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We provide restaurant insurance services in all Ontario, Canada. was designed to focus the specialized needs of restaurant. Restaurant and the Hospitality industry rely on professional brokerage to manage risks unique to this industry.Restaurant owners with no previous restaurant insurance are also welcome.

For several years, numerous restaurant owners have sought our expertise. We arrange thousands of "Restaurant Insurance " policies. With our large client base and expertise in restaurant insurance, we have established excellent relationships with insurance companies who write coverages with reasonable premiums. If your restaurant type is not listed below category, we may still be able to provide you with coverage.Our experienced brokers have expertise and understanding of these risks and can provide coverage for:.

Family-style restaurant
Fast food chains and franchises
Fine dining establishments
Dining Theaters
Night clubs and Private Clubs
Taverns, Bars, Lounges and Cafés
Adult Entertainment
Billiard Halls, licensed and unlicensed
Legion Halls
Unlicensed Restaurant such as Cafés,
Coffee/Donut Shops and Bakery/Pastry Shops
Franchise, franchisee, groups and associations

Premiums are based on:

Experience of Restaurant owner
Type of Restaurant
Building construction material i.e.: age and history
Risk location
Fire protection
Burglary protection
Occupancy class
Gross receipts and seating capacity
Past claims experience
Limits and values
Deductible amounts:

A risk management program could include:

1. Provide and maintain training for all serving staff through Smart Serve and/orany other approved program.
2. Establish written procedures for the sale of alcohol to be followed by all staff, reinforce and support staff.
3. Maintain an activity log to record possible incidents.

A Sample House Alcohol policy could include:

1. Monitoring the door - Entrance / exit / first point of service - ID verified where appropriate, service denied to rowdy or intoxicated guests, control access to avoid overcrowding.
2. Provide a food menu to encourage consumption of food.
3. Offer low cost non-alcoholic beverages
4. Encourage designated drivers
5. Post notices to inform guests of the house rules
6. Maintain stairs, floors free of debris.
7. Refuse service to intoxicated guests.

In addition, our brokerage can provide the following:

Risk Consulting - Services we provide that are specifically designed for restaurant include identifying slip and fall hazards.
Fire Protection and Security - We can make recommendations regarding fire protection, fire suppression and security systems to help restaurant comply with insurance company requirements.
Specialty Property Coverage — Our property programs provide coverage for exposures such as loss of customers' personal property, coat checks and food spoilage caused by a mechanical breakdown.
General Liability Coverage Extensions — We offer several important liability coverage extensions, such as medical payments coverage for customer injury or illness.
Liquor Liability — We offer liquor liability programs that provide coverage for bodily injury or property damage resulting from manufacturing, selling or distributing alcoholic beverages.
Commercial Automobile Liability — Primary valet parking coverage is available to cover bodily injury and property damage.

Our brokerage can offer a full range of coverage for all licensed establishments or Restaurant regardless of the gross receipt split; up to and including 100% liquor sales. We are committed to providing you with the insurance coverage's according to your needs, tailored to your operations, at the best reasonable cost.

To obtain a restaurant insurance quote simply complete our on line restaurant insurance application or get in touch with us by telephone or contact us.

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